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NEW Giorgio Armani Maestro Glow Foundation

Today’s blog post goes along with my recent Tester Tuesday video. A first impression review and demo of the new Giorgio Armani Maestro Glow foundation. I wear the shade 4. This incredibly pigmented, yet light-weight foundation, offers a natural radiant full coverage finish. The day that I decided to try out this new high-end, designer foundation, my skin was incredibly red and bumpy due to a reaction from trying too many skincare products at once (#beautybloggerproblems). I was shocked at how well the foundation concealed and covered the redness and smoothed out my skin. For a full demo, review, and check-ins, along with close ups through out the day, please watch my video here.

Many are asking me to compare  Maestro Glow  to the famous Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation, it is not the same. They are two completely different products. I have used both. Luminous Silk use to be my go to. I wore it on my wedding day and the year after my wedding. First off, Luminous silk is a traditional foundation formulations and does not include SPF in the product, which makes it perfect for events hands down. Luminous silk does not separate, like the Maestro Glow. I also feel that luminous silk can be more of a natural finish vs. a glow finish, depending on skin type and primers used.  While luminous silk is light-weight and beautiful on the skin, Maestro Glow is weightless and even more invisible, still offering full coverage. Maestro Glow has a chemical SPF of 15, which should not cause flashback in photos. Maestro Glow is dispensed through a dropper  because of how fluid the formula is. Maestro Glow is also recommended to be applied using fingers. Luminous silk can be used with brushes, sponges, or fingers. The two just cannot be compared, but since I keep getting questions about how they compare there it is. I think because the name include luminous and glow people are thinking it is the same product, but Maestro Glow has a bi-phase technology gives you the richest glow and color payoff with the thinest texture. Maestro Glow is a silky texture, infused with skincare oils perfect for drier skin. Maestro Glow has skincare built in.

What really stood out to me was how the radiant glow the foundation offered, did not make me look oily or greasy, even after 8 hours of wear time. I am very happy with the Maestro Glow and will continue to test it out in the coming weeks.

Have you tried any of Giorgio Armani’s foundations or beauty products? What are your thoughts?



Armani Maestro Glow Nourishing Fusion Foundation and Maestro UV Skin Defense Primer

This is the season of glow foundations and many of you have been anxiously waiting for my review on the new Armani Maestro Glow Nourishing Fusion Makeup Foundation SPF 30 ($64 for 30 ml/1 fl oz) and the Maestro UV Skin Defense Primer ($64 for 30 ml/1 fl oz). I’ve been putting these to the test for a few months now – I appreciate your patience as it has taken me a long time to post this review. I had very high hopes for both as I’ve been a fan of a few Armani foundation formulas. The description of the Glow Foundation seemed absolutely perfect described as a bi-phase foundation that gives a rich glow with a thin silky texture. It’s infused with oils and pure pigmented to nourish the skin. As soon as I saw it launched, I stopped by my local Nordstrom for a shade match, after trying a few shades I found 5.5 was the best for me. At the counter the artist also applied the Maestro UV Skin Defense Primer which has Broad Spectrum SPF 50. I explained my hesitation with white sunscreens because they almost always leave a white cast on my skin. She assured me this one did not have any residue or white cast and she was right. The combination of both resulted in a very natural luminous glowy look. The formula of the Maestro Glow is very sheer but it evened out the skin to a soft dewy glow. Even with powder foundation set on top, it looked natural and glowy without being too greasy. Coverage-wise it’s too sheer for my personal taste, but it still evens out the skin. By the time I got home I saw tiny little red bumps surface on my face. I thought it was possible the cleanser and toner she used to remove my makeup caused it (it’s often something I react to). So I let my skin clear up for a week before I tested the new foundation and primer just to make sure.

Quick thoughts on the Maestro UV Primer – it disappears completely on the skin but makes the foundation apply better and smoother. Not just the Maestro Glow but a number of other formulas as well.  Unfortunately both the primer and foundation caused a really bad allergic reaction on my super sensitive skin. Tiny little red dots and bumps form along my cheeks and forehead. I tested both on my face for 4 days to make sure and my skin just got worse. After that I took another week break from both to let my skin heal and tried the foundation separately, hoping perhaps I was just allergic to the primer. No luck. I’m allergic to both formulas – so for these I have to give them a thumbs down which is a shame because the finish and look of both is really really good. It looks like skin but better and even though these are very hydrating and moisturizing I found the formula wasn’t too rich for my normal combination skin and the lasting power was pretty good. I haven’t tried every Armani foundation formula, but the ones I have tried didn’t cause any allergic reactions – however it’s probably been at least 4-5 years since I’ve tried one of the regular foundations and since I haven’t kept up on new launches I don’t know if the formulas of any have changed.

In case you still want to check these out  a closer look at both and swatches. For the Maestro Glow foundation since it’s bi-phase you have to shake it up to mix the oil and pigment: Both come in a dropper style bottle: Comparison swatches below to: Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation (review here) Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting Foundation (review here) NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tints (review here) Becca Aqualuminous Foundation (review soon) Ingredients on the boxes: Because the formulas don’t work for my skin, I can’t give these a positive review. In testing these I tried application with a beautyblender sponge which I found was better than any foundation brush. After the last round of testing it took my skin around 2-3 weeks to heal completely and for the bumps to disappear. If you have very sensitive skin you may want to do a patch test first. I do recommend you read other reviews though because this new formula has worked on a number of other people. Depending on your specific skin type your mileage may vary. Allergic reaction aside, if my skin didn’t get bumps I still would give this a lukewarm review – I personally need coverage for foundations. I don’t need 100% full coverage but something that can be built up to medium is what I look for. The Maestro Glow is sheer – it’s not transparent, but just a tiny bit too sheer for my taste. Have you tried either of these yet? Do you have a favorite Armani foundation formula? I purchased both of these from Nordstrom but you can also find these at all Armani retailers now. I’m undecided whether or not to return these even though Nordstrom has a good return policy. One of my friends has super dry skin and loves all the Armani formulas, I’m going to ask her if she want to give these a try. (P.S. Gray Malin’s Prada Marfa prints are on sale today and tomorrow!)  FoundationGiorgio ArmaniPrimer

Armani Maestro Glow Foundation

Big fans of glowing skin and the latest from Armani delivers this big time! This foundation is contained in the same pipette style applicator as Armani Maestro, read about that one here..   Not overly keen on this style of application method. It's a bit of a faff placing droplets onto your face or brush but I guess it's hygienic and looks swanky.   The texture, as with Maestro Fusion , is very liquid  although it blends much easier than Fusion.  The coverage is pretty sheer. Softly evens out the skin tone but by no means a heavy finish. If you are blessed with great skin then this foundation will look pretty awesome. If you have pigmentation, blemishes or open pores then we think there are other foundations which will compliment your skin better. The radiance highlights any skin flaws like a spot light unfortunately.  As the name suggests, this foundation is all about the glow and boy does it do that! We tested this on a few different skin tones and types to see how it performed.  If you have a combination or oily skin you may find it too moisturising. It still felt tacky on the skin for a good hour and pooled slightly in the oily T-zone. It had also started to wear a little by the end of the day but that would also be down to the oily skin type. If you're happy to touch up during the day then go for it.  On a dryer skin it sat better. So long as you don't have any obvious dry patches it blends nicely into the skin. Longevity was better and it felt much nicer on the skin.

 Now lets talk about the glow.....

    It's VERY glowing but the glow works better on certain skin tones. The highlighting pigment provides a cool toned sheen rather than a warm golden radiance. On a yellow toned skin this pigment seemed to work against the warmth of the skin and looked ashy. The ashy tone in turn made the skin appear metallic rather than radiant, probably not the look you had in mind. As with all makeup you can blend in other products to make it work. Buffing in a cream bronzer on the high points of the face helped to counteract the metallic edge but at this kind of price do you really want to be applying more product to correct it?
No4 under artificial light
No4 in Daylight
If you have a porcelain or a cool skin tone then the radiance works. It highlights the skin with a celestial sheen which looks natural and gorgeous. 

On the high street it looks good, on camera you need to be cautious. It's very radiant and coupled with the SPF30 this does have a kind of soft focus flashback. If you fancy a radiant Armani foundation for your wedding day then stick with Luminous silk, it photographs better.

Available in 9 shades, one of which is super light so great for a very fair skin. We were surprised how light the No4 shade came up. If you are normally a number 4 in Armani's other foundations you may want to double check this shade before purchasing.

 We only had the shade in No4 to test so maybe the darker colours appear warmer on the skin.

To quote it's full title...deep breath.....Maestro glow-Nourishing fusion makeup Bi-phase elixir SPF30...phew what a name, is available from February and will be £40.


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